Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Soap Synchronicity

last night we went out to Cafe Luna for my college friend's birthday, and her wonderfully enlightened son, who has been travelling the world - Mexico, New York, France, and India - where he spent time at a ashram - told us a certain yogi does not advocate the use of soap.

(i know this young man does not read my blog so there is no way he knows my guilty secret. so it is either a true synchronicity or an antisynchronicity!)

then his sister, the lovely young girl whose recent birthday party theme was "I don't wanna grow up," added that the body is supposedly a self-cleaning mechanism. i said if you've ever gotten a whiff of someone who believes that, you might wish their self-cleaning mechanism worked better.

This same yogi also advocates swallowing a towel, swirling it around to clean the stomach, then pulling it back out. maybe if we swallow soap instead...?


Angel-Star said...

i am not techie enough to know how to link back to my own posts. do you? anyway, the guilty secret about soap can be found a few posts back...

Vatche said...

Hey, Angel-Star, interesting coincidences with the whole soap thing, huh?

As for swirling around towels in, thank you.

Lastly, to link back to previous posts you have to...

1)Find the post you want to link back to on your blog, highlight the URL, and copy it. (To copy the URL press CTRL and C.)

2) Then, go to your post and highlight a certain word in your for this one it would probably be "soap" or "guilty secret." (This is all before you post it on your website.) Once, the words are highlighted, there should be a picture somewhere near the Fonts button, Color button, and whatnot. The button you're searching for looks like chains. (Something like this "oo".)

3) A box will appear and you paste the URL that you copied from your previous post. (To Past, press CTRL and P.)

4) Hit ENTER and you're done.

If this wasn't any help, you can always Google it or watch a Youtube video, both will show you step-by-step on what to do.

Angel-Star said...

Vatche, you are a gem and soooo kind. i shall try it!

Ralph said...

Not for me at all. I remember once being told that hair does not need washing sounded good to me for all of four weeks when I was in danger of losing friends so not for me. I love reading your posts

Vatche said...

Hey, Angel-Star,just letting you know that you won an award over at my blog, so check that out! :D

Al said...

Hmm, self cleaning? That will be a great relief to all the homeless people in India (and everywhere else).

Willy. said...

Hello angel,

ready for the indian summer?
grtngs, Willy.