Sunday, April 25, 2010


waiting at the station for my honey to arrive
bees a busy buzzing making honey in the hive
honey honey honey is a flavor i adore
honey is better than money for sure

been writing some little jazzy songs lately. have never sung jazz outside the shower, but would like to try. my band members from the whiskey sluts were in town for a few days. guitarist told me it takes years to learn jazz styling unless you gotta knack for it! maybe...

on the bridge friday were swarming bees! they are enamored with a lamp post for no apparent reason. it is painted yellowish gold. is that it? it was certainly a synchronicity, however, as you know i wrote in here previously, "above all, do not swarm!" (Hippocrates actually said, above all do no harm.)

after observing the bees i met a new friend. a gentleman taking a walk. turns out to be a fellow writer and very interesting chap! i warned him about the bees as he also likes to walk on the bridge. i believe meeting him was quite serendipitous! (divine timing...?)

so, who or whom has entered your life lately by chance? any kindred spirits?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Banana Obama and Baby Boomers

When I told my friend i wanted to embark on a new career as a comic, she said "are you serious?" (When you start something new at your age...your age is not something you wanna advertise--fifty is the new forty-nine, whatever...)

So i saw this special on baby boomers, how they don't want to get old...they were a bunch of old hippies. I don't mind being called a hippy (imagine the sound of inhaling), but don't call me old! I wasn't even at Woodstock. I wasn't even born yet. Woodstock to me is that yellow bird that lands on Snoopy's head. (I'm more familiar with chicken stock - a shout out to my Jewish friends...woo hoo, chicken stock! screw Woodstock!)

But I did wanna be a folk singer. You can make anything sound folk! Pluck a mandolin and sing along, "My banana has a name/ it's oscar meyer/ he doesn't trip no one/ no one slips on oscar meyer/ he's an enlightened banana/ and a political hero/ banana obama...hey hey

Friday, April 16, 2010

Blog Rhymes With Slog

Ugh. i am still bothered by the ugliness of the word BLOG. As i said before, it sounds like an intestinal ailment.

(My character, Robin, says, "If my mind works like a computer, it must have a blurt, a blog, a worm, a fatal flaw...")

I am officially proposing a new term for blogs that sounds nicer: I-aries (short for internet-diaries.)

(And the "I" also stands for I who am writing it.)

Iaries, reminiscent of a place where birds live, or some wonderful island, like the canaries. (maybe they are wonderful, i have never been...)

Thursday, April 15, 2010


The moon is new and waxing again toward full. If we have been feeling down, this should make everyone feel better! (Last month, the new crescent moon over the bay in San Diego was tipped exactly like a smile.)

Moon smile
Dog smile, we all smile
God's smile

(a ridiculously short haiku)

SO, do you believe the phases of the moon influence our moods?
Do you think the moon affects women more than men?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Under the Bridge

Hiked/walked in Maple Canyon for first time today. White and yellow daisies as high as our heads. Orange and yellow Nasturtiums everywhere, blooming. Apparently, teens have found a way to use these flowers to get high. Saw it on the local news. Hey kids, if you didn't know it already...check it out! Woo-hoo!

(Parents, i'm sure you appreciate these helpful drug tips your local media provides to your kids!)

Anyway, it was beautiful, high or not. Hillsides terraced with cacti and wildflowers, gold light splashing leaf shapes on the trail, crows and mockingbirds winging, singing.

We walked beneath the span of the recently retro-restored First Avenue Bridge - a historic treasure (the bridge of dreams to which i make so frequent pilgrimage and have walked over so many times, but never under.)

The bridge is a metaphor that just keeps appearing. Think about it. Write about it. What are your bridges and where do they take you?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Sunglasses at Night

Sending queries yesterday for my first novel. (There are two now, but i'd rather neglected the first till the part of me that wrote it got hopping mad...)

Up and down, all around, many cups of tea...and at one point thought my vision was compromised...(this is it, i thought, i've looked at the computer for so many hours i am going blind...)

Yikes! but then realized i was staring at the screen, or trying to, through sunglasses rather than my reading glasses. Oh. Silly me...