Thursday, February 3, 2011

Springtime at the San Diego Zoo

There is a new baby hippo at the zoo. Haven't been up to see him as we've had high wind and unseasonable cold in paradise. A half-dozen empty semi-trucks blew over on the freeways yesterday, and a few huge eucalyptus trees tore from the ground.

Can't complain though, as the rest of the USA is covered in snow drifts and ice, and it did get into the eighties in San Diego last week. The ornamental pear and Linden trees are already blooming in Balboa Park. The flowers of the Linden smell like English breakfast tea with lemon and honey. Heavenly.

Last time we went to the San Diego Zoo we saw a keeper talk on meerkats, and got to pet one! I never imagined years ago while watching "Meerkat Manor," that I would one day pet an actual meerkat. Her fur felt more like a Jack Russell Terrier's than a cats - smooth and stiff, rather than soft.

Another recent animal escape. While walking through Balboa Park, I spotted baby bunnies actually playing with baby squirrels. Leapfrogging over each other! Wish I would have had my video camera to prove it. As well as to document, a few moments later, an entire small bush of blooming spring flowers trembling violently then suddenly disappearing into the earth - sucked down by a ground squirrel into his home.
Perhaps he was entertaining guests later?


Angel-Star said...

This morning my Greyhound, Millie, tried to dance with me in the kitchen. She needs lessons. but so do I.

Ralph said...

ha ha Millie the dancing dog have you tried maybe using the music The dancing bear. Maybe there might be an infinity of animals.

Angel-Star said...

yes, an infinity of bears and dogs would be a heavenly dance