Friday, September 2, 2011

Dance, Chaz Bono, Dance With the Stars!

This is sad. In a world that's falling down, where we ordinary peacemakers struggle to keep some semblance of humanity in daily life, even if just common courtesy, a large so called Christian group has nothing better to do than call for a boycott of the American TV show "Dancing With the Stars."

Because of the show's inclusion of Chaz Bono, Cher's daughter turned endearing son, and Carson Kressely, a fabulously sweet gay man, onemillionmomsdotcom is reported as saying, "Christians should not watch the show, no excuses." (if you do, they'll smack you in the crotch with a ruler, i imagine...)

(and anyway, these kinds of persnickety "Christians" should already SO NOT be watching that skimpily costumed, lust inducing show...)

Chaz Bono and Carson Kressely have the same heart, soul, mind, humanity, intelligence, as any of us, and probably MORE compassion, considering the hate they face, and the arduous struggle endured to become who they are.

Our teacher said, Do not judge. Our teacher went about doing good. Our teacher brought life, light and hope. The only ones he judged were the religious types, NEVER the common person. Remember Mary Magdalene?

Stop showing us what you are against, and start showing us your LOVE. Perhaps then, more will believe.


Angel-Star said...

sorry to double dip...i put this on my Oprah blog, too...but it's important! we who love peace need to speak up when people who are supposed to love, preach hate instead...we who have loving hearts must stand up for our gay and transgender brothers and sisters when they are slammed...its only right

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Aren't these the same Christians who last season tried to swamp the voting system for Sarah Palin's daughter? Sheesh. Get a life, people!

Angel-Star said...

yeah, have a gin and chill out!

Shauna said...

it is rather startling how certain groups are so easily offended.

Ralph said...

I can only agree and agree fully with every word you say. I left the ministry for very similar kinds of people and actions.

Angel-Star said...

R...oh my, such a revelation, i never knew. you are a brave and honest man, and i admire you.

Anonymous said...

Love your blogs. Keep up the good work(s). ;D
Friend me on Facebook under "Lisa Nanette Allender", if you wish.
Peace & Hugs
Lisa Nanette