Sunday, February 21, 2010

I Want To Marry It

I wish there were a nicer name than BLOG. Blog sounds like an intestinal ailment. (If you experience a Blog lasting more than four hours, see a doctor...) etc.

Journal is a prettier word, like journey - a wonderful adventure.

Synchronicity has the word city in it. So that's why this intestinal ailment, i mean blog, is called Synchronicity in the City. A play on "Sex and the City," of course. Which i never "got." My single New York-Taos-girl-friends told me it was funny. If i lived in New York and was single i would think so, they said.

(But even they admitted that not that many people were actually having much sex in NY city - due, they informed me, to the single men being "metro-sexual", and the women being, as elsewhere but moreso, exhausted and gun shy.)

I had lived in small Colorado and New Mexico towns for most of my life and had by then been married a dozen years. So not only did i not understand the show, i didn't know what Metro-sexual meant.

My NY girls dressed up like the characters (i would have been the slutty one) and went for drinks and attended the opening day of the movie in Taos. They invited me, even, which was nice. But i just could not work up any enthusiasm. It's like inviting a wiener dog to a full moon goddess circle. He just won't get it.

That is a bad analogy. Anyway, i have since moved to the city. San Diego, not NY. and i am in love with it. Almost two years here now and the infatuation hasn't worn off. It is the best city in America. I love it so much i want to marry it, as my NY-mermaid-singer-girl would say.

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Angel-Star said...

millie says wiener dogs are not as cool as greyhounds