Saturday, November 20, 2010

Splendor Ship and Don't Touch My Junk Synchronicity

about a mile from our tiny victorian apartment in san diego, in the bay, sits the gigantic cruiseship splendor while they fix it. (it arrived, not under its own power, just before the veteran's day parade, held a block away.) that was exciting enough.

then san diego in the news again, all over the world, again, for the guy at our airport who uttered the now famous line "Hey, Don't Touch My Junk."

ah, synchronicity, you gotta love it. both incidents happened in our fair city, san diego! both involved travel! both went viral, engendered crass humor, caused a rumpus and ruckus! hooray!

now there are the mysterious explosions in Escondido to account for. what if they somehow link to the other two incidents? won't that be splendid?

have you ever gotten waylaid (no, not laid, waylaid) by security? or by insecurity?


Angel-Star said...

one time the marines at the airport in Albuquerque confiscated my fingernail scissors and informed me they would be "destroyed." whew! we are all much safer now.

martinealison said...

Il vaut mieux prévoir que courir... Bisous

Ralph said...

Yes I have been waylaid many times because I found myself in places where the authorities thought I should not be namely nuclear basis with protest symbols and paint brushes of the grafitti sort.

Angel-Star said...

A bit of the rebel about you both, i presume?