Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Snafu on Blogger Caused By Schwarzenegger?

i can't comment, or respond to comments, on my blogs!
and i can't comment on other's blogs!
this has been going on for weeks, ever since i posted about Arnold Schwarzenegger's snafu.
do you think he has the power to control blogger and mess with my account?
or maybe because i spelled his name wrong?
will this post come through?
how do i fix this mess?
any suggestions?


Ralph said...

If I was you I would delte the blog and begin again but before you do that let us all know the new blog please.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Don't piss off Ahhhnold. Case closed.

Angel-Star said...

hi, i guess making a pop up fixed the comments, but i still can't sign into google or edit my posts, or make new posts. so i do blame arnold...and all of the us government, haha

stonepost said...

I blame the government too! The very same thing happened to me a month ago and I have never said anything bad about Arnold, although I probably could! I did fix the problem! I had way too many cookies in my computer and they turned into brownies, and not the good kind! clean up the cookies, that fixed my problem!