Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hermaphrodite Baby

last year i was in contact with a man i'll call Fred, a friend of a friend, who wanted a ghost writer. in our phone interview, he revealed he had been born a hermaphrodite, and had been raised the first several years of his life as a girl. the project never materialized, and we lost touch. recently, i'd tried to email him, but it was returned.

(prior to this, i had finished a novel in which my main character, Robin, is androgynous, and i'd done research into androgyny and ambiguous sexuality/gender.)

a couple weeks ago i had a dream. i was being handed a newborn baby girl, presumably mine. she was wrapped in a towel. as i cleaned her off with a second towel, she spoke. "my name is Karen," she said. "i am a hermaphrodite." the dream made me think i should contact Fred, but i wasn't sure if i had his number.

when i got up i was cleaning my desk drawer and just happened to come across Fred's number. i called it, but it had been disconnected, so i called our mutual friend in Iowa and left her a voice mail that i needed Fred's number.

later that day i gave a postcard with my book cover (a depiction of my birthplace, Seattle) to my chiropractor, i then went to see my acupuncturist who trained in Seattle.

walking home, i saw an acquaintance, Karen, on the walk. a woman walked up to her and said Happy Birthday!

i remembered my dream of a newborn baby named Karen, and got chills. i felt it was a sign to try harder to contact the man who wanted a ghost writer to help him tell his story.

i called my friend in Iowa again and she answered. she hadn't heard my message. i told her the whole story. she had just run into Fred the day before. she had not seen him in ages. he had been in Seattle for six months!!!
i thought it all meant i truly should write this mans story. but i haven't heard a thing from him since. so i don't know what any of it means.

lately, i have been forced to affirm "i am happy to let life remain a mystery."


stonepost said...

Yes, this all means something! and, I am halfway between San Diego and Seattle or close enough to be meaningful too!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Que sera sera.

Angel-Star said...

stone! you are meaningful!
debra, true!

Hollywood forever, Kevin said...

Mystery is the key to all. Just found your blog and so glad I did.

Angel-Star said...

mysterious hollywood, thanks for finding me...

Ralph said...

What a thought provoking post. I am leaving with a little lump in my throat. Would you ghost write for me???

Anonymous said...

Hi there; i saw you Follow my blog, wanted to re-connect...i I saw the "coincidences" tag and clicked it. This is not coincidence,I think it's Synchronicity. You know, you might really enjoy "Remain in Light", the second in The Venus Trilogy, from poet-cum-novelist, Collin Kelley. Collin is my dear friend, and even our meeting was a "Synchronicity" thing. I wish you much luck with writing for your mysterious friend. :)