Thursday, March 25, 2010

Key to Happiness

(Sitting outside Starbuck's on 5th Avenue)

"The key to happiness is to allow ones self to be happy."

I love to quote myself. My favorite self-quote is "The root word of happiness is penis." This should be on bumper stickers throughout the land.

Ray Bradbury says writers should mine their loves, hates, fears and obsessions.

I love pudding, i hate spiders, i fear death and i obsess about writing. So - maybe i will die by finding a spider in my pudding while writing. (I don't know why i said i love pudding - i don't. I like it a normal amount.)

Now, a synchronicity would be if a spider dropped on this page right now - (though that is not a "happy coincidence.") Or if a truck drove by with an advertisement for pudding on it. Or if a hearse drove by, with an advertisement for pudding on it, while i am writing.

But we can't will synchronicities to happen. They are random happy accidents. They do happen, though, randomly, accidentally, and happily, every day. They are serendipitous.

(I was going to call this blog "Synchronicity, Serendipity, and Dreams" but then the inner comic took over, thank God.)


Angel-Star said...

Does anyone have a great synchonicity to tell me about? Or a comment about hap-penis?

Elana Johnson said...

I too, love that quote. I learned a long time ago that happiness was something I chose to be, not something to be waited for.

Mary McDonald said...

"The root word of happiness is penis." OMG! That's too funny!

Sharon McPherson: AUTHOR said...

I like this blog good luck with it.

I laughed at "The root word of happiness is penis." That is going to make so many men happy! Probably 100% of the male

Your novel theme sounds enchanting. I would expect a rescue cat to have lots to say and lots to do!

I'm a follower! :)

A Good Moroccan said...

I'm all in favour of happy accidents.

Angel-Star said...

Thanks all. Sharon, the main thing Maurice, a rescued cat the color of orange marmelade wants to do, is catch the woodpecker outside the window. to compensate, he destroys the cuckoo clock instead! Naughty Maurice...