Friday, March 12, 2010

New York State of Mind

My writing buddy just returned from visiting New York and mentioned the St. Patrick's day parade.

I happen to be reading a book called "The Road To McCarthy" and just finished the part where the British/Irish author is visiting New York during the St. Pat's festivities and crashes the parade.

He also runs into two Irish lads, total strangers, who end up being the writer and actor of a play he wished to see, but could not get tickets for. They give him tickets. After the play he and his new friends go into a bar and come across a girl one of the actors knew from primary school in Ireland. He wonders at the odds and says "It's almost enough to make you believe that our choices really are guided by some higher intelligence..."

(One time I sat with a New York friend on a cafe patio in Taos, with three other people, all strangers, who got to talking and discovered they were all from New York.)


Angel-Star said...

Maybe wherever we go in the world, we somehow attract others with a shared history of place, time, or even mutual aquaintances...but how?

Angel-Star said...

and even from the same neighborhood!