Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cosmic, I Mean Comic, Energy

So if humor is the fluid in animal bodies and we humans have animal bodies and 70% of us is water - then humor must be keeping us alive! A splendid conclusion.

(i have spent much time and energy in my life trying not to be irreverent, but the comic in me isn't having it. i have to find my inner comic if i want 70% humor in my body! )

Synchronicities happen in the now. In my other blog I write a lot about the past. The past has its place, yet wasn't it St. Paul who said "forgetting those things that are behind..." or maybe he said, forgetting those things that are in my behind? (knock knock i am going to hell...)

My assignment, if i choose to accept it, is to turn loose the inner comic. ("Ass" is the root word of assignment - so i think i see a pattern developing here.)

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Angel-Star said...

anal is the root of analyze...