Thursday, April 15, 2010


The moon is new and waxing again toward full. If we have been feeling down, this should make everyone feel better! (Last month, the new crescent moon over the bay in San Diego was tipped exactly like a smile.)

Moon smile
Dog smile, we all smile
God's smile

(a ridiculously short haiku)

SO, do you believe the phases of the moon influence our moods?
Do you think the moon affects women more than men?


Angel-Star said...

moonshine, in my belly, makes me happy! moon shine, in my eye, can make me cry...(to paraphrase john denver...)

Anne said...

Yes I strongly believe the moon influences our moods. The entire plant and animal kingdoms really. Women are tied to it with this unseen umbilical cord. I notice that men do have their own cycles with it as well... full moon especially, when it becomes a flashlight in the sky ;)

Elana Johnson said...

I've never given the moon much thought, beyond it's beauty. I'm going to have to pay more attention!

Angel-Star said...

when i was a kid in seattle riding home in the car at night, it always looked like the moon was following along beside, like a guardian or friend...