Saturday, April 10, 2010

Under the Bridge

Hiked/walked in Maple Canyon for first time today. White and yellow daisies as high as our heads. Orange and yellow Nasturtiums everywhere, blooming. Apparently, teens have found a way to use these flowers to get high. Saw it on the local news. Hey kids, if you didn't know it already...check it out! Woo-hoo!

(Parents, i'm sure you appreciate these helpful drug tips your local media provides to your kids!)

Anyway, it was beautiful, high or not. Hillsides terraced with cacti and wildflowers, gold light splashing leaf shapes on the trail, crows and mockingbirds winging, singing.

We walked beneath the span of the recently retro-restored First Avenue Bridge - a historic treasure (the bridge of dreams to which i make so frequent pilgrimage and have walked over so many times, but never under.)

The bridge is a metaphor that just keeps appearing. Think about it. Write about it. What are your bridges and where do they take you?


Angel-Star said...

Under, over, beneath, through?

Ralph said...

Your blog is a bridge for me it takes me from the age I am back to my youth. This entry reminds me of how no matter what age we will find ways to rebel. Daises eh when i was young we found a way to use bannanas and then of course there was the coke with the high caffine that when mixed with......... lol Great blog loved it.

Angel-Star said...

bananas for your monkeyshines, eh? or do you use the term "monkeyshines" in scotland?

Shauna said...

I took a nap and had a dream about a bridge.
In the dream I ask my mother why are the
bridge people your favorite people?
Is that weird or what?