Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Little Bit

i put a link to my 2nd novel at the top of this page.

it is not a sausage link, nor a lincoln log, or a link in a chain.

it is a link to words and a heart.

or should i start a whole new blog and put my novel in it chapter by chapter?
is that too revealing?

for some reason i keep thinking about the wiener dog at the full moon circle in the very first post.
oh! because of sausage links! some people call wiener dogs sausage dogs!
alexander macall smith does. i checked out three of his books yesterday. he is the best!


Angel-Star said...

if you read the novel excerpt, tell me what you feel...

Kit Courteney said...


Loved it.

Ordinarily, I'm not a fan of a sort of introspective view of things.

But your writing is SO damn good.

Seriously. I would love to read more.

Sharon McPherson said...

Seriously; inviting, delicious and absorbing ... loving the images.

I am a fan of introspective view writing. It's the hardest form of writing to get right. Harder than the style that Alexander McCall Smith uses. He is successful because he keeps it simple and is charming in an old fashioned way and is PROLIFIC. Publishers like prolific. Ha!

Your piece could read as a short story ... execpt I want to know what happens next. :)

Angel-Star you are a star! Talented. Don't ever give up. x

Jackee said...

Dachshunds make me think of sausages too! Congrats on the second novel and have a lovely, long weekend!

Angel-Star said...

kit - i am so glad we found each other!
sharon - you are the best - so real and funny
Jackee - your site is so fun

THANK YOU! all, for your words of hope

Ralph said...

I loved the excerpt you touch my inner being with your words thank you.

Angel-Star said...

wow, thank you, Ralph

Sallie said...

I thought it was well written and very cool. Did I see something about attempting a western romance on your other blog?

Angel-Star said...

sallie, I am working on it, but didn't mean to make it public yet...oops!

Green Monkey said...

I just found you so I have a lot to read but... I too struggle with how much to reveal and where - also balance - blog, work on book, promote, comment....etc.
best, monkeyME

Green Monkey said...

OH......and love your title!

Angel-Star said...

thanks, green monkey...


Wow!...exuding sweet rays of captivating....creating thirst for more and more..