Monday, October 11, 2010

Bono Synchronicity in San Diego

at the hairdresser's friday she's telling me about her trip to Ireland (so jealous am i) and i'm telling her my husband surprised me with tickets to see u2 next june. (our favorite group.) we're Irish.

that night we go to an art opening in Balboa Park. guy walking around looks just like BONO. truly. diamond ear-studs, leather jacket, pink tinted eyeglasses, hair, build, eyes-nose-chin. indeterminate European accent. so i go up and tell him. the chap with him says, How do you know he's not Bono?? oh my god, i say, are you? they both claim yes.

i bring my husband over, and he can't tell for sure either, and we don't want to make the guy prove it cuz what if he REALLY IS BONO?

see you on june 18th, Bono says as we walk away. he knows the date of the concert! maybe it really is him!

so when we get home we check the internet and u2 is in Italy. damn.but there is a Bono impersonator in san diego. Pavel Sfera, (

so Pavel, you really had us going. cheers.

and readers, who's the biggest celebrity you've ever met?

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Angel-Star said...

then that night i dreamed about barbra streisand. other friends have recently dreamed of celebs as well. why is this happening? is it something in the water?