Sunday, October 17, 2010

Phone Fiasco

so i order a new phone, to call my new friend Bono (see last post) and it comes in the mail, and i go to the ATT store to get it all set up and transfer the number we've been using for two-plus years.

(millie mccarthy, our greyhound, got a brand new tag for her b-day from Dublin Dog Company and the new cell phone number would have rendered it obsolete, not to mention the hassle of changing it elsewhere...)

so after many tries and fails when its all finally seemingly done, the off-site ATT people say i now have to return the phone because i have violated the contract by changing the number. or i owe them a cancellation fee. or both! so i grumble that i will cancel all my ATT--the internet, fax, home phone.

so the nice people at the store, as opposed to the nasty horrible people off-site, give me a free phone and the number i wanted.

only took an hour of my life i will never get back. makes me wonder if ATT stands for Awful Time Takers.


Angel-Star said... has lucky dog items--so cute

arshad said...

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Angel-Star said...

yes, so useful! thanks arshad

Ralph said...

I always leave this blog with my heart lifted/

Anne said...

Sweet miss Millie. I love her so much! Customer service is better in person because they can see the fire in your eyes ;)

Angel-Star said...

yes, the FIRE