Friday, October 29, 2010

Further Phone Fiasco

so i go on a week long vacation to Taos with my new cell phone and it's running out of minutes very fast. when i get home, i call ATT and the customer disservice rep won't give me any details about our account even tho my name is on it because i don't have mi espouso's social security number memorized. ugh. but she will answer general questions. ok.

how did i use 50 minutes on the train when out of the service area and couldn't even call anyone?? guess what. it uses minutes to record voicemail. understandable. BUT it also uses minutes to dial MY OWN voicemail and listen to those messages. ouch!

it even uses minutes (rounded up of course) to call MY OWN home phone on the same account! ayeeee!

she can't tell me when my minutes renew. she gives me a code to access the info on my phone. (which uses minutes.) i try it. it tells me i am almost out of minutes, but doesn't tell me when the minutes renew. arrrgh.

i hang up and yell, "I hate you ATT and i'm glad i wrote mean things about you on my blog!" (and decide ATT now stands for Assinine Terrible Turds.)

it takes me an hour to calm down. i go outside to eat lunch and drink a bud lite. halfway through my hummis and English Water Crackers i notice a truck parked in the street in front of my apartment house. it's ATT.

o my gosh they are stalking me.


Angel-Star said...

are all modern conveniences this inconvenient?

Serena said...

LOL...they are adept at finding ways to part you from your money. :)

Angel-Star said...

ha! so true